Sunshine Coast – Vancouver (Canada)

Once in a while you need a break form reality right? I think Sunshine Coast in BC is the spot. Sunshine Coast is an island located north of Vancouver downtown area. It’s the perfect getaway from the urban lifestyle – to embrace and explore nature.

It’s is very easy access and here’s some ferry information on how to get to the island Ferry Service Time

2017-05-04 05.52.26

We were really lucky to find this geodestic dome on the island, it was our first glamping experience. ( btw it’s right beside the ocean !) Camping is still on our number one to do list however it is just abit challenging when you have the little one, especially when he was under one year old.

The geodestic dome is from Backeddy Resort & Marina, it is located right by the ocean but there is only 5 domes in total, so book early, especially in the summer!

This trip was taken in May for us, at the time it is still chilly at day and cold at night. The dome provides portable heater which was a big plus for us since we got the little one with us. They also have a washhouse nearby for conveniences.

Overall we really enjoyed the experience, especially at night when little one is asleep. There was no absolute lights in the area and inside our dome, and when you step outside with the crackling campfire and starry stars above, it    is   truly   magical.


(Picture from Backeddy Resort & Marina )

Basically we did nothing on the trip, we sank in with nature, drove around, enjoyed the view, BBQ, campfire at night, and that was it. If you are there to fully embrace with nature, I suggest you to take a hike with the panorama view. 10 Amazing Hikes in Sunshine Coast BC

2017-05-05 13.16.41

(View outside our dome)

2017-05-04 15.49.40

2017-05-04 19.41.49

2017-05-03 18.53.29


Sometimes it’s nice to be away from your habitual surroundings and step into another world, even if its just few hours away. Take your dear ones or just yourself, have some days off, breath, and do nothing.

You will notice how well your mind and heart are rested and ready to give 100% back to the real world of yours.

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