10 Travel Wardrobe Essentials for Moms <3

To all moms out there: For ALL the things you packed, and not one thing is for you… 

First off, I am writing because I find it rather annoying when you realized you need something for a certain occasion but you are hundreds and thousands miles away form IT. And it is definitely even more dreadful when you used up all your time to pack for you children and not for yourself. 

But for us girls, we got to prepare for anything that comes at us and be on our best while we can ( but in a relaxed way). Even when we are a mom! So, here are a list of wardrobe essentials that I always bring with me on travels.

1. T-shirt
This is by far the easiest thing to bring. Plain, colored, printed, graphic, patterned, stripped, anything ! Bring a couple for your trip, you’re going to need it !

2. Shorts/ Legging / Jeans  ( choose 2 )
For summer time, I always have a pair of shorts with me and a legging. Just so if the weather gets a bit chilly, or if there are trails that the family would like to visit, legging gives you a sense of comfort.  

Example of the essentials – cap, T-shirt,legging, shirt, runner

Another example of the essentials – cap, sunglasses, T-shirt, shorts, cardigan, sneaker

3. Shirt 
Shirts are really easy to wear it up or wear it down. You can hang them on the shoulders as a cover or tie them around your waist, or simply just wear them.

4. Summer Dress
This is a must for summer ! I loves dresses because you just slip it on and that’s it! Nothing else to think about – perfect for moms ! And you will always look classy 🙂

5. Runner/Sneaker  ( choose 1 )
For moms we know there are occasions that we need to chase the little ones around and this is where a pair of runner or sneaker comes in handy. I always have this with me because I like to tour around when I travel, which involves a lot of walking. 

6. Heels/Flipflops/Flats/ Sandals ( choose 1 )
This is where you can choose one of these four to bring with depending on where you are travelling to. Of course if you get time alone with the husband, bring heels! or even wedges around kids if you like! And if it is for of a camping trip, I would go with flipflops; city tours – flats or sandals. 

7. Hat/Sunglasses ( bring both!)
Hats for sunny days, for rainy days, whatever !
I always bring a cap with me or a toque in the winter for any kind of days, especially for messy hair days! They are best of covering stubborn hair. I always put one on in the morning when I take my kids to school… put your hands up for those that do the same !!!!! 
As for sunglasses, best for covering those tired eyes !

8. Sweater
9. Scarf
10. Coat/ Cardigan/ Bomber Jacket/ Leather Jacket ( choose 1 )
These are the essentials for winter as I don’t think I need to elaborate more !

So I hope after reading this list, it will be easier for us moms out there to pack as we already got a lot on our minds. Because being able to take care of yourself, brings out the better of you to take care of others.




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