Delicious Revolving Sushi Restaurant – すし銚子丸 (Japan)

This time I’m going to introduce a famous chain revolving sushi restaurant in Japan called 「すし銚子丸」, the restaurant has stores in many locations, the one I went to was in Chiba.

This is the photo of the restaurant in Chiba.
That’s the inside of the restaurant.
Whiteboard shows the fishes of the day and place of origin, when a fish is sold out it would be crossed off the board.
Here are the prices for each color plates, sushis are placed in different color plates according to its price.

**Above photos are from another Chinese blog:

**Official website of the restaurant:


Below are the photos of some sushi that I had, according to my local Japanese friend, the sushi from this chain restaurant is considered to be quite fresh.

The place is actually a bit expensive as to all the better foods in Japan, for 2 people it comes down to a little over 3,000yen, but it’s a place I’d recommend if you want to try some good sushi in Japan.



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