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Today is officially the last full day I have in Japan, which also means the start of my world travel project. Once again, I’m homeless and unreachable, as when I first came to Japan.

Life truly works in miraculous ways, things always seem to take course in ways most unexpected. Two years ago, I never even dreamed of traveling around the world, and now I’m about to tramp in 35 countries.

I’ve had a deeper understanding of what life and happiness should be about during the past year, the answer I’ve been eagerly searching for with no luck, now it’s finally laying out in front of me. Happiness shouldn’t only be possible through having other half, friends, wealth, or a dream job. It’s there if you are capable to enjoy life, a simple glimpse of the magnificent sunset, that is all that’s required for you to feel life is worth living for.

“Embrace all that this world has to offer, live everyday as an extra day that is given to you, rather than just another day passing by.”

I used to be a genuine pessimist. Everyone told me that with the way my mindset works, no matter where I am, I’d still be unhappy. I agreed with them. But ever since I began traveling, I found that it was an utterly false perception. I worked on average 12 hours a day, sometimes even longer, there was nothing for me to look forward to except work. For the past year, my work hours became 8am to 3pm (sometimes shorter due to the number of classes I’m scheduled to teach that day), with lots of off days and summer/winter holidays. I’d spend my afternoon savoring a cup of toasty coffee, instead of still struggling in that tiny cubical in the office. With this complete change of lifestyle, I’ve began to acquire the knowledge of how to actually relish my leisure time, and capable to appreciate all that I have.

Therefore, if you’re not satisfied with your life, I would strongly urge you to make changes. Not simply switching a job, but to live differently.


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  1. I find this very inspiring… it’s funny how we can never seem to balance work and leisure, and it takes alot of courage to actually do some changes. Because despite of just letting go of everything, we need to consider what we will be responsible of afterwards, some people might be giving up what they have work for their whole life! I really like your work, keep it up!

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