Social Relationships

Speaking from experience, it’s funny how the people who take the initiative to offer help when you need it, are often times the people that you might not know so well or just met, instead of the ones you might’ve known for your whole life.

Of course, there are still those who’s always there for you and stand by your side no matter what, I’m grateful for that, and I think those kind of relationships are worth dying for in life.

This is very baffling to me, why is that? Is it better to just live in solitary, as the state we came to the world in, rather than to keep maintaining these so-called “friendships”?

Perhaps life’s simpler that way, and easier to enjoy. I’m currently experimenting to toss out all these relationships, and gaining new ones without having any expectation at all. Perhaps it’s a bit more extremely approach, but it’s just too tiring for me to continue embrace the fake care and beautiful words, when in fact the only thing they care about is themselves. Let’s see how this new approach works out.


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